Welcome to Crew Brew Coffee

Welcome to Crew Brew Coffee

My birthday is only a few days prior to Christmas, as a result, I get to experience the joy of receiving one combined present. But some years it works in my favor and that's how received my sample roaster.

Shortly after I started roasting, the pandemic gifted me enough time to burn coffee for months on end.

Small 300 gram batches and two kids at home "distance learning" everyday created a vicious cycle for an aspiring roaster hobbling through Jr. High Math. But little by little, things got better. (Math and Coffee)

Much like the rest of us in the live event production community, I was desperately waiting for shows to come back.

When shows finally did slowly start coming back, I started to do some shows with PW who I've toured on and off with since 2015. One weekend we were out in Texas somewhere and I told him my idea of Crew Brew while we were eating dinner. It was a "perhaps someday in the future" kind of story when I was done touring. But when we got home he posted on Instagram (see photo below) about how great Crew Brew was going to be and that unexpectedly triggered a few hundred messages.

So, I cobbled together a landing page and began taking pre-orders forcing myself to deliver the first batch in a month. It was terrifying, but that is how Crew Brew began much earlier than expected. 

When people ask how I juggle touring with roasting coffee, I say it's a lot of fun, but a terrible expenditure of time. 

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