Welcome to Crew Brew Coffee

Welcome to Crew Brew Coffee

Since I was born in December, I get to experience the yearly joy of receiving one combined present for my Birthday and Christmas. But some years it works in my favor and that's how I got my first coffee roaster from the Mrs. 

Shortly after I got my drum roaster, the pandemic gifted me enough time to burn coffee for months on end and I confidently began roasting the worst coffee we've ever had.  

Small 300 gram batches and two kids at home "distance learning" everyday created a vicious cycle for an aspiring roaster hobbling through Jr. High Math, but little by little, things got better. (Math and Coffee)

But like the rest of us in the live event production community I was desperately waiting for shows to come back.

When shows finally did slowly start coming back, my friend Phil posted on Instagram about how great Crew Brew was going to be. What he didn't know was that it was a "maybe someday in the future I'll roast coffee as a job" kind of idea. The plan was to start Crew Brew when I was done touring and my ears didn't work anymore. But thanks to Phil and a hundred or so unexpected DM's I decided to give it a go, no parachute.

This is how Crew Brew began.

Most friends assume the "mixing" part of the show is my job. But in reality, it is only two hours of the day. The majority of a show day looks like this load in. Helping our driver get to the dock, dumping trailers, setting risers & backline, wrapping cables, pushing cases, and then packing everything back up so we can do it again the next day. 

Early on I thought roasting was about cupping interesting coffees from around the world, developing roast curves, weighing aromatic nuances like an imperial judge, and feeling sympathy for green lady patrons. 

And it is. Sometimes.

But, it's equally a task of food manufacturing.  Replicating roasts, peeling stickers, shipping boxes, sweating in a warehouse, and cussing at your laptop when the weather changes the thermal energy of your roaster.

But that’s how good coffee can be. 

When it all comes together you forget about 2 AM load outs and venues without docks. 

​I hope you enjoy the coffee but it's not for everyone.

There are many great roasters who extract the most out of 82 point coffees. 
For me, things that are elusive, and even more costly to make mistakes with speak to me like Vegas lights on the horizon. Single origins, experimental fermentations, competition grade beans, and hard to source micro lots especially. I hope each bit of text deters you from purchasing the coffee if it's not right for you. Be happy with what you like, sometimes truck stop coffee from TA is the perfect thing. Even for me.



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